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Scaling Your Franchise

While many travel businesses work well utilizing the owner/operator model, Sheenco Travel offers the option to grow and scale your business while still keeping your overheads low.

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Scaling Your Franchise

In this new era of home based workers, Sheenco Travel has over 10 years’ experience of running a business with every employee working from home on a full time basis.

Sheenco’s CEO, Genevieve Sheehan explains how you can turn your travel franchise into a solid and scalable business. Genevieve founded Sheenco Travel over 10 years ago, and often wishes she had been able to buy a ready made opportunity like the franchise she has created, as it would have saved her many headaches over the years.

As Sheenco has always been a virtual business Genevieve has a wealth of experience managing home based employees so will be able to teach you how to do the same.

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