Could you be a Luxury Travel Specialist?

The Ideal Candidate

Do you have what it takes to build your own travel business?

The Sheenco Ethos

Our ethos at Sheenco is “Love what you do and the money will follow” so franchisees should be passionate about traveling and helping their guests to create priceless memories that enrich lives through Sheenco’s luxury travel experiences. While not essential, a connection with the Celtic destinations we offer, either through your own heritage or a discovered love through visiting or experiencing the culture would also be of benefit. Sheenco Travel has a set of Core Values which have been developed over the years so the ideal Sheenco Candidate will connect with these values and live by them on a daily basis both in their personal and professional lives.

What it Takes

Other welcome attributes include:

A network of people who love to travel and have the means to do so in luxury would be a huge benefit. If you plan to scale your business and hire employees, leadership skills are also a must.


While a Sheenco Travel Franchise could work very well as a side hustle for someone already working in the luxury space, we do require a commitment to our niche product of luxury Vacations in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Some may see this as limiting (especially former travel agents who are used to selling mass market vacations across the whole world) however it is worth remembering that over 20% of American's claim either Irish or British heritage. Many wish to visit the land of their ancestors which ensures these countries are always very popular locations to visit. For those with a background in travel who can see the potential, it's worth noting that Sheenco commissions work out well above the industry standard of 10%. However with a Sheenco Travel Franchise over 50% of the work will be carried out by the Sheenco back office team making this the most hassle free travel business available today.

Thank you for your interest in a Sheenco Travel Franchise. Please complete the following to find out if you qualify for a call with our CEO to learn more;
Thank you for your interest in a Sheenco Travel Franchise. Please complete the following if you would like to learn more;